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What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Our Holiday Lighting Services

Christmas Lighting review 00

Christmas Light Installation Sioux City

Austin and his crew at Holiday Lighting were fantastic. Lights were beautiful and everything was done quickly and the way we wanting. I highly recommend them for all your Christmas lights installation needs.

Jim Augustine

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Christmas Lighting in Sioux City IA

We decided to hire some pros to put up lights this year instead of the same old lights from last year. These guys were first to bid, the lowest, and fast install. I came home from work to them finishing up, so glad I don’t have to do it and the wife loves the new Christmas Lighting!

Nillac C

Christmas Lighting review

Christmas Light Installation Sioux City IA

I love my lights. I get a lot of compliments. Austin is easy to work with. He is extremely accommodating beginning with the quote and ending with the takedown. I appreciate the  Christmas light installation service he provides.

Julie Hovland

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Residential Christmas Lighting Sioux City

I have worked with Holiday Cheer Lighting for the past 6 years. They are wonderful. The products are quality. The displays always look great. I have them put up different displays for different holidays. Wonderful. Makes me smile all the time. I recommend their residential Christmas lighting service.

MaryAnne Oehlerking

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Residential Christmas Lighting in Sioux City IA

Great residential Christmas lighting! Awesome people. Highly recommend.

David Salem

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Christmas Light Installation Sioux City IA

Seth and Holiday Cheer Lighting are one of the best! Lived up to every expectation! They were on time, worked hard to complete the job! I will never have to climb a ladder again! I would highly recommend Seth and the crew for all your Christmas light installation needs!

Dan Sterling

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Permanent Holiday Lighting Sioux City

We are so pleased with our permanent holiday lighting! It is so easy to operate and fun playing with all the combinations. You traditionally think Christmas lights, but then we had beautiful winter blues all through January, reds/pinks for Valentine’s, green for St. Patrick’s, and now pastels for Easter. It’s also easy to “set it and forget it,” if you don’t want to mess with them often. It’s so worth it, not only for the time savings, but especially no more risk of having my husband on a ladder in a loader bucket trying to reach the peaks anymore! We highly recommend the permanent holiday lighting and Holiday Cheer Lighting! They were great, not only for the install, but also following up to make sure everything was working properly and recently helping with setup after we switched internet providers. You won’t be disappointed!

Brooke Huisenga

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Permanent Holiday Lighting in Sioux City IA

We love Christmas lights but HATE putting them up with the steep pitch of our roof. Perfect solution came from the guys at Holiday Cheer with their permanent holiday lighting. We love love love how our lights look, get so many compliments and we turn on different color combinations for just about every holiday and event throughout the year. Great job, guys!!!

Jordan Ireland

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Permanent Holiday Lighting Sioux City IA

I went on a lights tour around town and was so impressed with the quality of the work done by Holiday Cheer Lighting. You literally don’t notice the lights during the day and at night they’re incredible! The fully customizable colors and sequences really make the difference between the permanent holiday lighting and traditional lights. Perfect year-round for any occasion. I told my dad (in Michigan) about it and he got a quote and got the lights installed on his home. He’s currently repping red, white, and blue for election year. He absolutely loves them! And customer service has been patient with him when he has questions about the app on occasion. Really a wonderful company, I’d recommend to anyone.

Taylor Sterling

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